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Return of the 50’s Housewife


Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Janis and am learning how to be a 50’s Housewife. So yes, I cook, bake, and clean and so much more. I have two kids, a girl Summer, and a boy named Eliot. Then there is my husband Eric. We have three parakeets named Q, Jedediah, and Hunter. I have a chinchilla named Spock.

I love to watch old movies with Abbott and Costello, Clark Gable, James Dean (though his career was short lived), Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and probably a few more. I listen to oldies music of the 50’s and yes I like 40’s music too. I like to watch older TV shows which may not be in the 50’s but The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, Star Trek The Original Series. I have yet to see Leave it to Beaver which has been suggested to me.

I love to bake so you will find all kinds for recipes mostly desserts from my family’s own cookbook. Now I am gluten and dairy free so I will be making those recipes in that form. But if you need it in regular form, sugar free, or low carb then I can convert those recipes for you and send them either by email or snail mail. My email for recipes, or questions about the changes happening in my my kitchen toward a 50’s retro kitchen is

Without further ado lets get on with our first recipe, of which you will find at least an early picture before it goes in the oven and then after it comes out of the oven. That’s what I try to do with each recipe. So let’s get cooking!

Published by Janis I. Soucie

Christian, Mother, and writer. I like to blog about writing. My hobbies include cooking, baking, reading, writing, photography, collecting funko pops, Titanic things, and Elvis memorabilia.

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